So this happened last night, and it was glorious. 

I got back pretty late last night (we had a four hour drive back) so sorry for not posting anything. 

The concert was unreal. Mumford and Sons sounded just like/better than the album. They played a bunch of my favorite songs and the unity and excitement I felt from the rest of the crowd was amazing. 

My friend Thomas and I had seats on the upper level which I was afraid of being kind of bad seats, but they were great! We were surrounded by a bunch of older people, which was okay, but they were definitely not as enthusiastic as us. This was Thomas’ first concert so he was having a blast the whole time, and even though a bunch of our section had sat back down after Mumford’s opening song, our row and the row behind us stayed standing for the whole set and it was nice. The energy was great. There were several times where the whole arena was clapping along to the beat and singing along and those were some of my favorite moments.

In between two of the songs they asked who had seen them before and who had never seen them until that night, there were a lot more people like Thomas and I who had never seen them live and Marcus said “Wow, we have lots of virgins here!” and it was hilarious. He then dedicated the next song “to the Virgins.” It was great. 

The encore was one of my favorite parts of the night. They did a Bruce Springsteen cover and “Reminder” acoustically on a mini stage located towards the back of the floor so that the crowd surrounded them. I really wished I was down there because it looked really cool and intimate. Then, for the last song of the night, the openers The Vaccines and Bear’s Den came back on stage and all three bands played a cover of “Come Together” by the Beatles and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I was secretly hoping they’d play a cover ever since I saw the video of “With A Little Help From My Friends” at Glastonbury so when they did I was ecstatic.

The Vaccines were great. I had just recently started listening to their music and they were really great live. They didn’t play my favorite song (“Family Friend”) but they played a lot of other really great ones and they got the energy going really well. It’s weird how they have a different sound than Mumford and Sons and aren’t very alike in any way but were somehow the perfect opener.

Bear’s Den was really nice. We got to our seats a little late so we missed part of their set and only heard about 3 or 4 of their songs, but I really, really liked their lyrics and sound and I definitely want to buy their ep. 

It was a great night, the best concert I’ve been to yet, and I’m definitely going to try to see Mumford the next time they tour because wow, so amazing. 

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